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* Russians master Israel

Дата: 21.12.2015

Eilat will compete to Antalya, Jerusalem will become alternative to Istanbul

The termination of the tourist message of Russia with Turkey and Egypt gives to the tourist industry of Israel magnificent chance. Russians even more often turn the look on beauty of Israel, and first of all to Eilat. The magnificent nature, history, sights, excellent infrastructure – all this allows to draw a conclusion that mass Russian tourists will be able to learn and fall in love with Eilat in the nearest future.

         So far, unfortunately, the tourist branch of Israel didn't carry out any information campaigns for Russians, and in Russia a little that know about advantages of the Israeli resorts. What to speak, information simply is absent. There is no description of resorts, responses of tourists, official information concerning trips, rules and features of stay in the country doesn't reach Russians also.

         At the same time, there is a wish to believe that the Israeli hoteliers will appreciate mobility and generosity of the Russian tourists and will make everything to attract them in the hotels and to make their rest comfortable and desired.


Timofey Surovtsev,


News agency


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